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Tell Me a Story Creative Story Cards: Early Literacy Activity

I recently came across these create a story cards by Eboo while I was picking up some new supplies for my son’s play and learn space. Because we like to buy materials that add to and help him more deeply explore his interests, I thought these cards were a great early literacy activity. O loves to sit around and take turns making up stories, as well as take turns extending story endings when we read books, so these felt like a natural extension of that activity.

We started by introducing the cards by simply leaving them out, telling him what they were, and then having him handle them and look at the pictures whenever he liked.

He did that for about two days. On day three he asked me to make him a story. After he saw how I used the cards, he follow suit by choosing his own cards and asking me to tell him the story. The next progression was that after he chose the cards, he told me the action that was happening on each card. After a few more sessions of play he will be reading the stories to us.

Here’s the basic breakdown of how they work. You lay out all the cards…

photo 1-7

Then you choose, or have your child choose, the cards they find interesting…

photo 2-7

Choose as many or as few cards as you like, and lay them out an order that tells your story…

photo 3-7

Then you go through the cards, describing them in any way you or your child wishes to tell the story of your making.

And that’s it! Super simp and a really fun way to work the imagination and gain better understanding of the process of story building.

The cards we used are from Eeboo, You can find the Robot set Here and the animal set Here. They also have a fairytale set, Here. Happy story telling!

photo 4-3

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